Fall Semester 2022


On Line Real Estate Principles Course - 60Hrs

Welcome to your 75 Hr Real Estate Broker Principles Course.

  • If your goal is to learn general real estate law and principles because you find real estate an interesting topic, I can assure you will find this a very informative course.

  • If your goal is to be prepared to take and pass the Illinois Brokers License Exam then I can assure you this course will accomplish this goal. 


This 75 hr. On Line course will cover all of the important principles and concepts you need to master if you are to be successful if you should take the Illinois Real Estate Brokers examination.

Note:  Remember in addition to this course on  you will also need to take the Applied Real Estate Principles- Interactive course  if you plan to qualify to sit for the Illinois State Real Estate Brokers Examination.


We are very interested in your success in this class, as well as, in passing the state examination. We have attempted to provide you with a very thorough and engaging online course and will give you to as much support as you progress through this course as you need. 

If you could not attend our Orientation Session then this video will explain how your course works and will guide you step by step from the beginning of your course to the Final Exam.
Course Orientation Video

 After viewing the video: 

Click Unit I in the Course Main Menu.  Go to Chapter 1- Introduction to the Real Estate Business


To Begin your course. Click Unit1 on the COURSE MAIN MENU and go to Chapter 1 Introduction to the Real Estae Business

Ta ament and View our Course Orientation Video. It will give you all the information on how to successful begin and complete your 75 hr course.

Unit 1  Chapters 1 -4

Final Exam

Prepare for the State Brokers Examination

After you have passed the 75 hr. Real Estate Course Program, prepare with confidence for the difficult PSI Illinois Real Estate Broker License Exam

​With our Exam Prep Package
  • You get approximately 500 simulated PSI Illinois Broker State Exam       questions with answers to prepare you to pass on the first try.

  • We provides explanations for answers with our internet based platform. 

  • You’ll understand the rationale behind each answer, which is the key to passing the exam. 

  • We prepare you for the national portion ans state portion of the of the real estate exam. 

  • In addition, to  Illinois and national law we offer Math question's with solutions .

  • Our experts have over 35 years of real estate education experience, writes all of our original material. The practice questions are frequently updated to maintain relevance and similarity to the current version of the exam.